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ealing escorts is fun
ealing escorts is fun

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My boyfriend has a real tit fascination, and seems to be able to make love only when he can grab my boobs all of the time. This does not always make our sex life easy, and it can be hard for me to enjoy myself. My sister works for London escorts, and the other day she was telling my boyfriend about nipple rings. You are not going to believe this, but he rushed out and bought ten pairs. Now, he want to me to wear them all of the time. I told my sister, and her and her friends at London escorts thought it was funny.

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My boyfriend does not know about my sister. I am not going to tell him, but I am seriously thinking about ditching him. At the moment I am totally bored and fed up with my lifestyle, and I don’t feel that I have anything to look forward to. At least working for London escorts everyday would be different. As it is now, every day is the same and I feel like chucking all of the legal papers out of the window one day. I am sure that you get bad days at London escorts as well, but at least it would not be boring.

I keep wondering what sort of men I would meet at London escorts. Maybe they would have tit fascinations as well. It does make me laugh when I recall some of the stories that my sister tells me. A lot of the gents that she dates seem to be such characters. I actually like meeting people so this would very much be one of the parts of working for London escorts that I would enjoy. But, there is bound to be more to it than that. Anyway, I have decided to send my boyfriend a Dear John text – it is all over.…


This is not news; no matter how sexy she looks, how good her blow job feels, it is not easy to ejaculate from a blow job. What could be the problem? Well one thing is for sure, this is a common problem in many men. So how can you cum when your partner gives you a blow job? Let’s take a look.

Keep focus on her

You should try going where there are no distractions. This should help you keep focus on her. You should also consider doing things like playing with her hair or watching her lips around your dick. Most men love when a girl looks at them, so try establishing eye contact.

Mix the mouth with the hand-play

You should ask her to mix up the mouth action with a little hand-play; get her to play with your balls as well. If she grabs them both it’ll feel great, as it will if she puts pressure with a finger or two, on the area between the balls and your ass. If she rubs this quite fast while sucking it might help you get there.

Another favorite technique is to have her switch up the mouth and the hands; suck on just the head while using your hands to pump the shaft. Then take the hands away and swallow the dick with your mouth. Switching back and forth like that at the beginning of a blow job will cause your excitement level to peak. However it’s also important to note that towards the end, when your man is about to cum keep everything in a rhythm so as not to distract him.

Starve yourself

You should consider not ejaculating for a couple of days before she gives you head. You should be able to cum much quicker that way, and it would also feel much better. What gets most men sexually excited is having a loaded penis. Regular sex reduces this urge and ejaculating with a blow job can be an endless struggle.

Watch porn

Ejaculation comes if you are extremely excited. If porn excites you then you can go for it. However, this should be discussed with your partner since most feel unappreciated when you must use porn to get an ejaculation.

Ejaculation through a blowjob is not as easy as ejaculating through sex. However if you’re lucky, you’ll find a mate who will make you feel like you’re about to suck the mattress up through your asshole as you explode.

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